The artistic sensibility is impoverished by its divorce from the religious sensibility, the religious by its separation from the artistic.

T.S. ELIOT, "Notes towards the definition of culturE"

For many centuries beauty held a prominent place in the life and worship of ordinary believers in forms such as music, visual art, drama, and architecture. Much of the world’s greatest art was inspired by the Christian faith, even financed by the church, for the glory of God and the education and enrichment of the people. Today much has changed. For a variety of reasons, many Christians have relegated art to the fringes of life. But what if T. S. Eliot is right, that religion and the arts belong in conversation together and can illuminate one another?

The Eliot Society exists to enrich the church and foster spiritual formation through the arts.

Our events feature artists and scholars and provide opportunities for people to engage with diverse forms and styles of art. We encourage Christians to explore the ways beauty shapes faith and faith shapes art making. We hope to challenge and inspire both artists and lovers of the arts to grow in their enjoyment of — and participation in — God’s gift of beauty